Fresh Roots Farm

  • Made In Manitoba

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Fresh Roots Farm Raw Honey



We emphasis on raw honey and the importance of diverse floral sources for the bees. Raw honey retains the natural benefits and flavors that may be lost during excessive heating, filtering, and pasteurization processes. By preserving honey in its raw form, you ensure that it contains valuable minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants.

The flavor of raw honey is also enhanced due to the variety of flora from which the bees collect nectar. It captures the distinct characteristics and overtones of the different floral sources, making it a unique and delicious product

Furthermore, the selection of suitable locations for the bees to forage is commendable. By providing access to diverse ecosystems, including perennial pastures, haylands, and a range of annuals such as cover crop mixes, you allow the bees to gather nectar from a wide array of native and cultivated flower sources. This diversity of floral sources contributes to the taste and nutritional richness of the honey.

The bees have access to hundreds of diverse prairie acres where they can harvest nectar from a huge variety of native and tame flower sources, including dandelion, caragena, and willow in the spring; alfalfa, clover, milk thistle, cicer milk vetch, sweet trefoil in the summer.

* Unpasteurized