Golden Bee Apiaries

  • Made In Manitoba

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Golden Bee Creamed Honey


Golden Bee Creamed Honey: Nature's Sweet Delight

The Ideal Everyday Honey

A Worldwide Favorite

Discover the perfect companion for your everyday moments with Golden Bee Creamed Honey. This luscious jar of creamed honey has captured the hearts of people from all corners of the globe. It's an everyday indulgence that brings joy to your taste buds and sweetness to your life.


Luxurious Texture and Consistency

Creamed Honey Craftsmanship

Our creamed honey is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, boasting a velvety-smooth texture that remains delightfully spreadable, even at room temperature. It maintains a consistent, peanut butter-like thickness and won't crystallize like its liquid counterparts. The result is an impeccable honey experience that offers sheer indulgence.


Purity in Every Spoonful

We take pride in preserving the integrity of our creamed honey. You won't find any additives or preservatives in our jar—only the goodness of previously creamed honey. This dedication to purity ensures that you savor 100% pure Canadian honey with every spoonful. Our honey is a testament to quality and authenticity.


Weight: 500g of Pure Bliss

Every jar of Golden Bee Creamed Honey contains 500 grams of pure bliss, ready to elevate your breakfast, snacks, or culinary creations to new heights. With the perfect balance of sweetness and texture, it's the ideal honey to make your daily moments extraordinary.