Laughing Lichen

  • Made In Canada

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Laughing Wild Mushroom & Forest Herb Salt


Laughing Wild Mushroom & Forest Herb Salt - The Essence of Umami and Nutrition

Nature's Bounty in a Jar

Experience the rich depths of umami and the nourishment of the wilderness with Laughing Wild Mushroom & Forest Herb Salt. This exceptional spice blend unites seven distinct varieties of wild-foraged mushrooms with shade-dried wild herbs and authentic Canadian prairie salt. It not only enhances the savory essence of your culinary creations but also introduces delectable nutrition to your diet.

A Jar of Culinary Excellence

Each 50-gram jar is a testament to culinary excellence. The premium spice blend elevates the flavors of your soups, sauces, stews, risottos, pasta dishes, and meat, poultry, or game rubs. With Laughing Wild Mushroom & Forest Herb Salt, you'll have a gourmet twist at your fingertips for every dish.

Nature's Nutrient-Rich Treasures

What sets this blend apart is its diverse array of wild mushrooms, each contributing essential nutrients. They are a superb source of B vitamins, protein, and minerals like copper, potassium, zinc, and selenium. But the goodness doesn't stop there. Shade-dried wild nettle, cattails, sweet gale, and Labrador tea complement the mix with vitamins A, B, C, and K, as well as essential minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

Made with Canadian Pride

This unique creation embodies the essence of Canada. It's crafted with 100% Canadian ingredients, echoing the nation's untamed beauty and the bounties of its wilderness.

Embrace the Magic of Umami

Enhance your culinary masterpieces and savor the allure of umami with Laughing Wild Mushroom & Forest Herb Salt. The natural flavors of seven wild mushrooms and an assortment of wild herbs are packed into every jar.