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  • Made In Canada

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Laughing Spruce Tip Tea



Spruce tip tea, made from the hand-harvested spruce tips in the Northwest Territories, sounds like a unique and refreshing herbal tea option. Spruce tips refer to the young, tender shoots of spruce trees, and they offer a distinct flavor profile and potential health benefits.

One notable benefit of spruce tips is their high vitamin C content. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that plays a crucial role in supporting the immune system, collagen synthesis, and antioxidant protection in the body. Consuming foods or beverages rich in vitamin C, such as spruce tip tea, can contribute to meeting your daily requirements of this important vitamin.

Drinking spruce tip tea can be a pleasant way to enjoy the natural flavors of the spruce tree. It's worth noting that the flavor can vary depending on the specific species of spruce and the harvesting and preparation methods employed.

The fact that the spruce tips are hand-harvested from the Northwest Territories highlights their local sourcing and supports the local community.

Enjoy the experience of sipping on spruce tip tea, and take delight in its potential health benefits and unique flavor!


Spring Spruce Tips (Picea glauca, Picea mariana) (High in Vitamin C)