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Laughing Aurora Dream's Wild Herbal Tea



Aurora Dream's Wild Herbal Tea - A Taste of Canada's Northern Wilderness

Immerse Yourself in the Mystique of the North

Experience the pristine beauty of Canada's Northern Wilderness with our latest creation, Aurora Dream's Wild Herbal Tea. Handcrafted with care, this organic tea blend captures the essence of the wild and untamed landscapes of the Northwest Territories. Laughing Lichen has ventured deep into the heart of the boreal forest to create a blend that not only soothes but transports you to the land of the Midnight Sun and the Dancing Aurora.

The Secret to Lucid Dreaming

At the heart of this blend is wild sweet gale (Myrica gale), renowned for its potential to enhance lucid dreaming. Each sip carries the enchantment of this wild herb, making your dreamscapes more vivid and captivating.

A Symphony of Wild Herbs

Aurora Dream's Wild Herbal Tea is a harmonious composition of wild ingredients sourced from pristine locations:

  • Wild spring spruce tips (Picea glauca/mariana): Fresh, delicate spruce tips.
  • Fireweed leaf and blossom (Chamerion angustifolium): Nature's touch to uplift your spirits.
  • Wild sweet gale leaf (Myrica gale): Your gateway to lucid dreams.
  • Wild crowberry needle (Empetrum nigrum): A burst of wild flavor.
  • Wild pineapple weed/wild chamomile (Matricaria discoidia): A comforting, soothing presence.
  • Wild field mint (Mentha arvensis): The essence of freshness.
  • Homegrown and organic spearmint (Mentha spicata): Handpicked and aromatic.
  • Wild yarrow flower (Achillea millefolium): Your guardian against the cold and flu.

An Herbal Tea for Tranquility and Wellness

Savor a warm cup of Aurora Dream's Wild Herbal Tea and let wild chamomile, wild field mint, and homegrown spearmint calm and relax you. The infusion of fireweed and spruce tips adds a dose of vitamin C to your day, while wild yarrow blossoms and crowberry join forces to keep cold and flu symptoms at bay.

Handcrafted in Canada's Northern Wilderness

We take pride in our unique approach to crafting teas. Every herbal blend is lovingly created in small batches at a remote "off-the-grid" wilderness facility deep within the Northwest Territories' boreal forest. The facility runs on clean, renewable solar energy, ensuring that the herbs we collect are air-dried in an environment free from pollutants or contaminations. All of our harvesting locations are in pristine virgin forests, untouched by significant development or resource activity over the years.

Surrender to the Magic of Aurora Dream's Wild Herbal Tea

Whether you're nestled beneath the Midnight Sun or under the mesmerizing glow of the Aurora Borealis, our 100% wild Canadian herbal tea is your invitation to connect with the untamed spirit of the North. Embrace the wildness, tranquility, and holistic well-being that only Aurora Dream's Wild Herbal Tea can offer.