Lemon Lily

  • Handcrafted In Canada

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Lemon Lily Jasmine



Lemon Lily Jasmine Tea

An Ancient Delight in a Modern Cup

Jasmine tea, a fragrant elixir, traces its origins back to the 14th Century in China. This age-old tradition of scenting tea leaves with the enchanting aroma of fresh jasmine blossoms has transcended centuries to captivate the palates of millions worldwide.

The Essence of Jasmine

The green teas selected for Lemon Lily's Jasmine teas are carefully harvested in the spring, then patiently stored until late summer when the most exquisite and fragrant Jasmine flowers reach their peak. This meticulous process ensures a truly delightful Jasmine tea. The tea leaves are lovingly ensconced amidst an abundant array of jasmine flowers, repeated 4-6 times to attain the perfect harmony of Jasmine Green Tea.

Pure, Organic Ingredients

Harmonious Blend of Green Tea and Jasmine Flowers

Lemon Lily Jasmine Tea is a blend of organic green tea and organic jasmine flowers. This combination marries the fresh vibrancy of green tea with the intoxicating essence of jasmine, creating a symphony of flavor and aroma in each cup.

Brewing Instructions

Aromatic Awakening

  • Amount: Use 3g or approximately 1½ teaspoons of Lemon Lily Jasmine Tea.
  • Temperature: Steep at 180°F (82°C) to unlock the delicate yet robust notes.
  • Steeping Time: Allow the tea to infuse for 3 to 4 minutes, customizing your brew's strength to your liking.

Caffeine Content

Lemon Lily Jasmine Tea offers a moderate caffeine level, delivering an ideal balance between soothing and stimulating.