Lemon Lily

  • Handcrafted In Canada

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Lemon Lily Vanilla Rooibos



Lemon Lily Vanilla Rooibos Tea

A Delightful Infusion of Rich Flavor

At Lemon Lily, we've taken the pure essence of Rooibos and infused it with fresh vanilla beans. The result is an exquisite, antioxidant-rich blend that's bound to become your new favorite.

The Fusion of Two Great Flavors

Our Vanilla Rooibos tea is a harmonious blend of organic red Rooibos, hailing from the sun-soaked soils of South Africa, and organic vanilla beans sourced from the pristine lands of Madagascar. This extraordinary combination delivers a captivating flavor and the goodness of antioxidants in every sip.

A Taste of South Africa and Madagascar

Organic Red Rooibos and Fragrant Vanilla Beans

Lemon Lily Vanilla Rooibos is a marriage of organic red Rooibos and organic vanilla beans, where the warm, earthy notes of Rooibos are complemented by the sweet and aromatic essence of vanilla. This exceptional fusion creates a delightful and wholesome tea.

Brewing Instructions

Crafting Your Ideal Cup

  • Amount: Measure out 3g, approximately 1½ teaspoons, of Lemon Lily Vanilla Rooibos Tea.
  • Temperature: To unlock the full spectrum of flavors, steep the tea in water heated to 200°F (93°C).
  • Steeping Time: Allow the tea to infuse for 4 to 6 minutes, customizing your brew's strength to your preference.

Caffeine Content

Lemon Lily Vanilla Rooibos Tea is a caffeine-free delight, perfect for relaxation and enjoyment at any time of the day.