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Pureshrooms Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Mix



Elevate Your Mornings with Pureshroom Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Mix


Power Up Your Mind and Body with the Best-Selling Mushroom Coffee Blend

Discover the extraordinary benefits of our Pureshroom Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Mix, now available for Manitoba users. Crafted with care, this medium roast instant coffee blend offers a smooth and invigorating taste while supporting your overall wellness, immunity, and productivity. Say goodbye to crashes and hello to a new level of energy and focus that lasts throughout the day.

Mind and Body Guardian - Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi

Our unique mushroom coffee blend is formulated with the powerful trio of Organic Coffee, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, and Reishi, designed to be your mind and body guardian. These adaptogenic mushrooms work synergistically to enhance your cognitive function, concentration, and mood, while providing sustained energy and overall well-being.

Elevate Clean Energy, Focus, and Immune Support

Experience a natural cognitive boost and clear energy with our mushroom-infused coffee. Lion's Mane, known for its nootropic properties, helps sharpen your mental acuity and supports immune health. Cordyceps, a vegan-friendly extract, aids in maintaining energy levels and endurance. Meanwhile, Reishi, packed with antioxidants, provides immune support and reduces stress, ensuring you're ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Customize Your Perfect Brew

Unleash your creativity and experiment with your ideal cup of mushroom coffee. Add 1 tsp. (2 grams) of our blend to 8 oz. of hot water, mix, and adjust to your taste preferences. For a bolder flavor and increased mushroom coffee experience, try 2 tsp. (4 grams). Rest assured, our organic fair trade coffee delivers a balanced, smooth, and rich taste that will pleasantly surprise you—no mushroom aftertaste, guaranteed!

Ethically Sourced Organic Coffee

Our coffee beans are carefully sourced and certified by Fair Trade, ensuring ethical practices and sustainable production. This smooth medium roast offers a delightful balance of body and liveliness, making it the perfect companion for our mushroom blend. Indulge in the harmonious combination of coffee and mushrooms, and experience a truly remarkable taste sensation.

The Power of Cordyceps (200mg per serving)

Harness the superfood superhero within Cordyceps mushrooms. These remarkable fungi provide a natural energy boost without any unwanted ingredients. With 200mg per serving, our vegan-friendly Cordyceps extract is the perfect choice for those seeking enhanced energy, endurance, and peak performance. Unleash your inner athlete and elevate your game with Cordyceps.

Boost Brain Power and Immune Health with Lion's Mane (200mg per serving)

Discover the might of Lion's Mane, a mushroom renowned for its ability to enhance brain function and support immune health. With abundant antioxidants, B vitamins, and anti-inflammatory compounds, Lion's Mane nourishes your body and mind. Whether you're tackling projects or fending off germs, Lion's Mane is your ultimate ally. Embrace its power and unleash your brain's potential.

Reishi - Your Personal Wellness Coach (200mg per serving)

Think of Reishi as your trusted wellness coach, guiding you towards an optimized immune system, reduced stress, and improved sleep quality. Packed with antioxidants, polysaccharides, and triterpenoids, Reishi offers remarkable nutritional value. Upgrade your health game and make Reishi a part of your daily routine. Your body will thank you as you embark on the path to becoming a wellness legend.

Pure and Potent Extraction

Our commitment to purity ensures that only the fruiting bodies of mushrooms are extracted, resulting in a product free from fillers and carriers. Enjoy the full benefits of these remarkable mushrooms in their purest form, without any unnecessary additives or compromises.

Remember, it's always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating new dietary additions for medicinal purposes.


We're passionate about elevating your mornings and enhancing your well-being with our premium Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Mix. Join the wellness revolution and experience the magic of mushrooms combined with the rich taste of coffee. Start your day with unparalleled energy, focus, and immune support. Order your Pureshroom Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee Mix today and take the first step toward a healthier, more vibrant life.


Weight: 100 gr (50 Servings)