• Made In Manitoba

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Wildman 32 Bean & 8 Vegetable Soup Mix



This soup mix contains a mixture of 32 various beans as well as 8 vegetables. The soup is rich in vitamins, high in protein and dietary fiber.



Great northern, Pinto, Small reds, Black turtle, Limas, Black eye, Small whites, Pinks, Garbonzo, Navy, Green & Yellow Peas, Lentils, Adzudi, Anasazi, Appaloosa, Calypso, Scarlet Runner, Cannelini, Christmas, European Soldier, Yellow eye, Flagelot, Cranberry, French Navy, Jackson wonder, Jacobs cattle, Rattle-snake, Lentils petite crimson, Snowcap, And Tongues of Fire. Vegetables- Carrots, Onions, Celery, Sweet corn, Leeks, Green beans, Red & Green peppers and Barley


No Additive or Preservative

Weight: 454 g